How it works

Your health is important to you, and
it is also important to us.


When something goes wrong with our bodies, as humans, we always think the worst. Well, the good news is, the majority of us will be wrong. However, there is a lot of stress and anxiety generated imagining all the bad things that may occur before the god news that “there is nothing to worry about” is received.

At The Womens Clinic we know that. It is our job to minimise anxiety and we do this in a number of ways. Timely appointments and timely investigations are essential and streamlined follow up appointments can all help to give you the peace of mind that you need.

What you can do

Your Family Doctor is usually the first port-of-call and at The Womens Clinic we encourage that. However, there is no reason you can’t ring The Womens Clinic to discuss your issues and get some advice on the best ‘next step’. We are happy to talk with you, the patient, and will give free advice where and when we can.

Just drop us a line by email or give us a call. Alternatively ask your GP to write a referral to The Womens Clinic and we will arrange an appointment at a time that suits you. Remember, don’t be afraid to ask. There is no problem too big or too small.

For further information or advice: Contact The Womens Clinic on P: 524 8887, 0800 WOMENS or E: